Sailing and climbing across the Aegean

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12 Days Climbing and Sailing from Kos to Santorini, Greece

Sail across both the Dodecanese and Cyclades Island complexes to some of the most breathtaking climbing locations the Mediterranean has to offer. Enjoy the diversity, culture and nightlife of 19 islands - as the sea and land come together to shape your unique climbing adventure.

The Highlights

  • World famous climbing destination Kalymnos with its abundance of climbing across all styles and levels
  • Crystalline beaches of Milos - known as the best beaches in the Aegean
  • Kinaros with it’s breathtaking vertical climbs and the most picturesque medium and advanced ‘trad’ summits in the Aegean
  • Folgandros and Amorgos top off the climbers dream with many hidden surprises for all levels
  • Best all round sailing experience which will pick-up and delight any budding sailor

The Details
Vessel Type: Standard Sailing Catamaran
Capacity: up to 8 travellers
Services: Skipper + Mountain Guide
Style: Sport > Deep Water > Multipitch
Recommended Period: April to June,September to November

Kos (Start)
Santorini (Finish)

Additional Activities & Services
scuba diving, hiking, cycling, cultural tour, horse riding, watersports, caves exploring, yoga, walking tour, onboard hostess, onboard yoga instructor, watersports gear.

This sailing & climbing route was designed to offer the greatest and most spectacular of both worlds. One will have to sail over 12 days a total distance of over 310NM which translates to approximately 2- 3hrs of sailing per day and climb some of the most breathtaking locations of the Mediterranean. The trip itself requires a good understanding of various aspects of rock climbing and mountaineering and generally aims to target a mature climbing audience. However that is not restrictive for people who do not share the same level of experience or passion. The yacht provides for everyone and is a pleasurable adventure that very commonly visits spectacular spots of Greece.

The trip is manned with a minimum crew of 2, of which one is the Skipper and the other one is an experienced certified Mountain guide to take extra care for safety, when climbing or performing in mountain related activities.

Day by Day

Day 1 > Kos to Pserimos

Board your vessel and get to know the spaces, equipment and of course the crew. Sail away from the Marina of Kos to Pserimos island for a short swim and then head to Kalymnos for the night. Kalymnos is one of the top rock climbing destinations of Greece and possibly in the world. The boat will moor onto a dock in the little bay of Vathy.

Sail for approximately 20NM
Night Anchorage: Vathy bay

Day 2 > Kalymnos

In the morning the captain is going to move the boat to Sikati bay. Sikati offers sport sectors of all difficulties. After a few hours there time for a change of scenery. Nearby is the bay of Palionisos in which one can enjoy apart from climbing the beach , the taverns and of course the scenery. For the evening we will be moving to Emporios which is located on the other side of the island.

Style: DWS, Sport & Multipitch
Optional: Scuba diving, Cycling & Horse riding

Sail for approximately 25NM
Night Anchorage: Emporios port

Day 3 > Kalymnos to Telendos & Levitha

In the morning after our morning swim we head down to Massouri. Nearby this area of the island are a few of the most iconic climbing sectors of the island which are a must for anyone to visit. Spend the day climbing these sectors. After a full day of climbing the sailing adventure begins. A 30NM sail during the night will take you to Levitha, an islet in the middle of the Aegean Sea of whose only residents are a family of 5 or 6.
Style: Sport, Multipitch & Trad
Optional: Scuba diving, Cycling, Horse riding, Hiking

Sail for approximately 40NM
Night Anchorage: secluded Levitha bay

Day 4 > Kinaros

Kinaros a little rocky Islet just next to Levitha offers really spectacular climbs that only a few ever have had a chance to climb. There are a few trad climbs that are recommended and then its up the ambitious ones to name their own route. For the night the yacht will stay on the island. On Kinaros the population is 1 and the guy has usually gone fishing.
Style: Sport, Multipitch & Trad

Sail for approximately 15NM
Night Anchorage: secluded Kinaros bay

Day 5 > Amorgos

In the morning, after breakfast, enjoy the scenery of the cliffs while raising sails to Amorgos Isl. The journey shall last a few hours and will probably be bumpy. Eventually by lunch time we should be arriving in Amorgos where your guide will organise your climbing experience on this spectacular destination offering numerous and very unique spots for climbing. At night go meet up with the skipper in one of the islands protected bays.
Style: Sport & Trad

Sail for approximately 27NM
Night Anchorage: private secluded bay

Day 6 > Koufonisia to Keros

Today is hump day. In the morning take your time to enjoy the hike up to the monastery and enjoy the majestic beaches with the wild charm of Amorgos. After lunch get going to Koufonisi Pori beach known as one of the best beaches of the Aegean. Swim in turquoise waters and enjoy refreshing cocktails by the beach. If you’re feeling like staying somewhere for the night a bit more “wild” we recommend Keros Isl.
Style: rest
Optional: Hiking

Sail for approximately 22NM
Night Anchorage: secluded Keros bay

Day 7 > Schoinoussa to Irakleia

A week into this trip and everything is probably starting to feel quite familiar and nice. This day starts off with sport climbing in Schoinoussa, in the afternoon sail to Irakleia where multipitch and trad climb will satisfy your senses. Anchor below a spectacular spot embraced by a cliff 200m tall offering many alternative for climbing. Later on a beautiful anchorage for the night with a small WWII plane wreckage on the bottom to snorkel or dive to will top it off just perfectly.
Style: Sport & Trad
Optional: Scuba diving

Sail for approximately 26NM
Night Anchorage: secluded

Day 8 > Paros to Antiparos & Despotiko

From Irakleia, sail to Paros and enjoy the morning with some deep water solo and cliff diving. In the afternoon visit Antiparos just opposite Paros and its cute town. For something quieter for the night stay on anchor in Despotiko.
Style: Sport & Multipitch
Optional: Kitesurf, Windsurf, Watersports, Caves exploring

Sail for approximately 30 NM
Night Anchorage: private secluded bay in Despotiko

Day 9 > Polyaigos

Set Sail to Polyaigos and enjoy the morning breeze. Arriving in Polyaigos the captain will take you to a secluded location with some rock formations sticking out of the water some over 50m tall. The climb there is right on the water and gives a great feel of the surrounding nature. For those keen to scramble-hike on the islands unique rock there is a bay with a lighthouse on the islands northeast side great to visit.
Style: Sport

Sail for approximately 25NM
Night Anchorage: private secluded bay

Day 10 > Milos

Discover the north of Milos after a short sail from the nights anchorage. Milos is known in ancient mythology as the island of Aphrodite. Goddess of beauty and most of its coast mainly because of its volcanic past has to offer great beaches, bays, cliffs and light blue waters. Also on the north coast of Milos there is a very impressive rock structure that stands almost 200m tall. Multi-pitch climbs have been climbed and marked there.
Style: Sport & Multipitch
Optional: Yoga on board, Sea kayaking, Cultural Tour

Sail for approximately 25NM
Night Anchorage: Adamantas port

Day 11 > Folegandros

Sail from Milos to Folegandros. Spend the day trad climbing and early in the afternoon get to the township on the top of the island to enjoy the sunset and the local vibe. For the night head back to the boat which is at the port of the island..
Style: Sport & Trad
Optional: Scuba diving & Watersports

Sail for approximately 27NM
Night Anchorage: Folegandros port

Day 12 > Kardiotissa to Santorini

This day is going to be the final day that is going to give closure to all this beautiful trip. So after the morning swim release the stern lines, pick up the anchor and sail to Kardiotissa, just nearby. This island is a natural habitat for many immigrating species and has a unique feature, a thru hole on one of the cliffs that can give amazingly picturesque climbs. Spend a few hours working it out and then set sail to our destination, the great island of Santorini.
Optional: Walking Tour in the Caldera

Sail for approximately 30NM

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