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  • Kalymnos is a place where the sea factor has determined its destiny and culture!
  • The heart of Mediterranean professional fishing and diving strikes HERE!
  • Diving in Kalymnos is a unique experience!
  • Kalymnos Fishing Trips Began !  Go where you cannot go on your own and discover fishermen “paradise”!
  • The search for the climbing paradise ends on the island of Kalymnos
  • Kalymnos the Mecca of sport climbing
  • Kalymnos offers an inexhaustible terrain for walking
  • Alternet Greece proposes the hiking application Kalymnos Hiking.
  • Thanks to the contribution of Kalymnos Volunteer Rescue Team potential accidents on the island’s trails and climbs can be dealt with due to the sufficiency in human resources, means, and know-how.
  • Welcome to alternetGreece network’s project Go alternative on Kalymnos showcase where you can browse around the new products and services available for your holidays on Kalymnos!
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  • What's changing on Kalymnos? Why is everyone talking about Kalymnos? Why is everyone heading for Kalymnos this year? What's happening on Kalymnos that's so different?
  • What's actually happening on Kalymnos?

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